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When a Teacher Becomes a Student: Reflecting On Your Teaching Practice

During the second half of my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to serve as an English Language Assistant (LA)

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People might think that teachers’ job is easy and anyone can do it as effectively as they can. In reality,

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Language is an organism that changes as the people using it changes. No living language sounds as it did 1,000

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As with many languages, English has so many different dialects. When one travels to a different region of the United

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It was my first experience teaching in Taiwan and I was in charge of teaching ESL to 7th-11th graders. I

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Often times, when one thinks about teaching English as a Second Language (henceforth ‘ESL’), the predominant thought is that of,

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The role of the teacher, without a doubt, is the most important factor when you begin your teaching profession. For