English Grammar – Future Perfect Continuous – Structure – Online Teaching Course


This video covers the structure of the future perfect continuous. Other videos look at the usage and possible teaching ideas. The structure is as follows:

Positive — Subject + will + have + been + present participle
By the end of this week, I will have been teaching English for three years.

Negative — Subject + will + not + have + been + present participle
I won’t have been waiting long by the time you get here.

Question — Will + subject + have + been + present participle?
How long will you have been teaching English in Korea by the time you leave?

One thing that worries many people thinking about teaching English as a foreign language is the grammar side of things. Most simply won’t have been taught the ins and outs of English grammar while they were at school. ITTT’s online teaching courses assume no prior knowledge of English grammar terms. They introduce the concepts in ways to build your own understanding as well as equipping you with the skills needed to explain them to English language learners. For more info and to choose an online teaching course that’s right for you follow the link above.

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