What Makes You a Good Teacher? | ITTT TEFL BLOG

What Makes You a Good Teacher? | ITTT TEFL BLOG

The role of a teacher is to help students acquire knowledge so that eventually, they can be competent in understanding and communicating in English. A good teacher is a successful teacher. The success or failure of a teacher lies not only on his/her teaching styles, but more importantly, the learning of the students. To a certain extent, the personality of the teacher may affect the learning of his/her students, but what is more indispensable is the relationship between the teacher and the students. A non-threatening relationship with the students can help to build the students’ interests in learning, and create an atmosphere that is conducive and light-hearted for learning. A good teacher is also a responsible teacher who takes time in planning and organizing his/her lesson and is concern about his/her teaching so that the students can gain the most of the teaching.

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