3 Important Reasons to Complete a TEFL Course | ITTT TEFL BLOG

3 Important Reasons to Complete a TEFL Course | ITTT TEFL BLOG

A few weeks ago, I was pondering on what was required for me to have a successful TEFL teaching career. I came to the conclusion that I needed to start from the beginning and complete a TEFL course. There were many different TEFL courses being offered on several websites. I compared several different TEFL courses and finally decided on the TEFL course offered by the International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT), as it appeared to provide the best overall value in terms of quality, rating, resources, and cost. For a beginner TEFL teacher, I think there are several advantages for completing the TEFL course. First, it provides me with the essential teaching tools and materials that I will need to teach classes. Secondly, I also wanted to learn the different concepts and methods on how to become an effective TEFL instructor. Lastly, I would be able to earn an official TEFL certificate once I completed the course to help me with my TEFL teaching job search.

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