3 Reasons We Can’t Learn Languages Without Grammar | ITTT TEFL BLOG

3 Reasons We Can’t Learn Languages Without Grammar | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Admittedly, learning grammar may not be the most appealing part when learning a new language. It usually connects with conjugations, tenses and in some languages, the position of the verbs, for example, German. Grammar itself can cause a huge problem for both the teacher and students to carry out the language class smoothly. People might argue that unconscious imitation is the best approach to learning a language since it is the most natural way. I would like to say this is the idealist method. Truth speaking, not many students are able to enjoy the bilingual or even multi-lingual background. Moreover, even with the mother tongue, people will encounter grammar courses in school. This essay focuses on the necessities and importance of learning grammar when acquiring a new language and aims to arouse students’ motivation in learning it.

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