English Grammar — Present Perfect — Structure 2 —

English Grammar — Present Perfect — Structure 2 —


This ITTT video is the second part of a lesson looking at the structure of the Present Perfect tense. It reviews an example of the structure with a regular verb — played.

I/you/we/they have played.

She/He/It has played.

The video then examines some of the spelling patterns that are used with irregular verbs. For example, verbs ending with a consonant + y.

cry changes to cried, try changes to tried.

Another spelling pattern with irregular verbs ending with a consonant + a vowel + a consonant

Shop changes to shopped, ship changes to shipped.

When teaching this particular point, as with other grammar points, it is important to explain to students that there are exceptions to most rules in the English language. Where specific patterns exist we need to introduce them to our students.

A qualified ESL teacher needs to be aware of how to help their students understand what the language means, how it is used, how it is said or written and what the grammatical forms are. ITTT’s teacher training courses will provide teachers with the necessary skills for this, so to find out more about ITTT’s courses as well as the ESL jobs available to certified teachers just follow the link above. ///

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