English Grammar — Present Simple — Teaching Ideas – TESL

English Grammar — Present Simple — Teaching Ideas – TESL


The teaching ideas in these ITTT videos are intended to be used in the Activate stage of a lesson. During this stage students are encouraged to use the language as freely and communicatively as possible. The focus is more on the fluency than on the accuracy of the language. When selecting any activity it is important to ensure that the timing is appropriate and that the activity is appropriate for the students’ age, language levels, class size, interests and culture.

The video looks at one of three teaching ideas for Present Simple. The activity is called “Find someone who….” Each student will be given a sheet with a number of facts/habits/routines. For example …plays a musical instrument,…..does a lot of sport, ….has a brother and a sister.

The students then mill around and interview each other asking, “Do you play a musical instrument?” “Do you play a lot of sport?” Do you have a brother and a sister?” Students should respond using the Present Simple, “Yes I do”,”No I don’t.” The students record names next to the specific fact, for example, Jim plays a lot of sport. After a specified time the students will share their findings with the class.

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