English Grammar – The Future Tenses – TESOL Courses

English Grammar – The Future Tenses – TESOL Courses


This video reviews the four future tenses; the future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous.

The future simple: Subject + will + base verb

Used for predictions without evidence/threats/promises/spontaneous decisions.

I’ll have an orange juice.

The future continuous: Subject + will + be + present participle

Used for actions in progress at a particular time in the future.

This time next year, I’ll be teaching English in Thailand.

The future perfect: Subject + will + have + past participle
Used for actions completed before a certain time in the future.

I’ll have finished my TESOL course by the end of the month.

The future perfect continuous: Subject + will + have + been + present participle
Used for talking about the duration of an action up to a point in the future.

By next year, I’ll have been learning English for three years.

For more information about the future tenses see our video on Other Future Forms. If you are interested in teaching English abroad and taking a TESOL course please visit ITTT at the link above. We have a wide range of TESOL courses that can be studied online, at a training centre or a combination of the two.

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