My Personal Teaching Experience in the Aviation Industry | ITTT TEFL BLOG

My Personal Teaching Experience in the Aviation Industry | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Prior to engaging in this online TESOL course, my only experience with regards to any teaching or instructing was acting in the capacity of a flight instructor/teacher. Having been employed at a school located in the United States, many of the students traveled from around the world to train at our academy because it was very safe and relatively inexpensive. With this, came some difficulty with regards to the language barriers between student and teacher as well as difficulties in certain translations. The students were required to pass an English proficiency test prior to commencing the training, however some students still had difficulty with the language rhythms and cadence as well as certain vocabulary words, particularly the aviation lingo. Because of the peculiarities of the English language, this sometimes made it difficult for them to learn this new information. Aviation has a whole other lingo that is spoken within the aviation community. Many acronyms and words in aviation would not be spoken nor heard prior to engaging in any flight training. This would require a further breakdown of the words and language being used in the lesson on the ground, before we were to get in the aircraft, as this could help to reduce some of the already existing stresses of learning to fly.

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