Supporting Outer Motivation of Younger Learners | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Supporting Outer Motivation of Younger Learners | ITTT TEFL BLOG

A common theme that has been present in the 120-hour TEFL course, the 50-hour Business English course and the 50-hours Young Learners course has been that different age groups of students have different expectations of their teacher. Adult learners, for example, have fixed views on teaching and learning styles that they have built off of prior learning experiences. Young learners, on the contrary, typically are open-minded to new learning experiences and teaching methods. Young learners are typically not as motivated to learn English because they may not realize the direct benefits of learning English due to their lack of life experience. To specify, young learners, are anyone between the age of 2 and 13. Young learners ages 9-13 are typically more receptive than the young learners aged 5-9, who have shorter attention spans. Motivated students have a greater chance of success in the classroom. If the teacher makes the classes lively and interesting, it will help build motivation in the classroom and the young learners will be more successful.

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