Teaching Vocabulary to Chinese Native Speakers | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Teaching Vocabulary to Chinese Native Speakers | ITTT TEFL BLOG

The Oxford English dictionary defines Vocabulary as “the body of words used in a particular language”. From this definition, it is obvious that teaching vocabulary to new students of the English language will not be an easy thing due to the complexity and nature of the language. Context is very important when teaching vocabulary. The Shakespearean language of the 16th Century has evolved from the Victorian era, or to that of the early 20th century and today’s 21st century. The location also determines the use of certain vocabulary and expressions. For example, the English spoken in London is different from that of Liverpool, Glasgow, New York, Houston, Ottawa, etc. It is important for a good teacher to be well versed and open-minded about certain expressions and idioms. This essay will try to give some useful tips on how to effectively teach vocabulary to Chinese students.

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