TEFL / TESOL Course in Vietnam | Teach & Live abroad!

TEFL / TESOL Course in Vietnam | Teach & Live abroad!

Our TEFL course in Vietnam gives you the opportunity to learn how to teach EFL in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. When you combine the country’s great food, lively cities, its complex history, and low cost of living, you can see why Vietnam has gained such a good reputation and is an increasingly popular destination for TEFL courses and teaching English.

TEFL Vietnam
For those interested in taking a TEFL course and teaching English as a foreign language in Vietnam, the good news is that demand is very high for EFL teachers year round. In fact, you are almost certain to be offered a TEFL position soon after completing your course. In Vietnam, TEFL opportunities are to be found countrywide, especially in the large cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. With our TEFL courses running year round at our location in Ho Chi Minh City, you are sure to find a course date that suits your plans.

TEFL Courses Vietnam
Attend our TEFL course in Ho Chi Minh City and you will earn your TEFL certification in a bustling city located near the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam. The largest city in the country, HCMC is Vietnam’s cultural and economic hub, although within this crowded conurbation the timeless traditions and splendour of an ancient culture still abound. Often still referred to as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has seen a turbulent past and yet continues to thrive as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Most of the action in HCMC takes place on the streets. Around every corner you will find sidewalk cafes, vendors, hawkers, street markets and shops selling their wares. Join us at our TEFL certification course in Vietnam and find yourself caught up in the exciting vibe of this great city.

There are many places and experiences to enjoy during your free time while attending your TEFL course. You can spend your afternoon visiting the Reunification, or Independence Palace, visit the War Remnants Museum and the Museum of Vietnamese History, or stop in at the Notre Dame Cathedral or one of the numerous Pagodas dotted throughout the city. There are also many water parks to enjoy, as well as night markets and cinemas. At the end of your course day, you can enjoy some delicious, cheap food and go on to a club or bar in one of the many popular night venues. Ho Chi Minh City truly is a great location for your TEFL course in Vietnam.

Upon completion of your TEFL training, you can expect to find TEFL employment in one of the thousands of schools across the country. If you would prefer to move on and work elsewhere then we are also in a prime location for you to go on and teach in Cambodia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, as well as many other countries across Asia.

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