TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Ann Arbor, USA | Teach & Live abroad!

TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Ann Arbor, USA | Teach & Live abroad!

Ann Arbor is a popular tourist destination with many thousands of visitors every year. Students also come here in large numbers because of its excellent educational programs. Therefore, there is a wide variety of housing to choose from when taking your TEFL/TESOL course in Ann Arbor. Whether you are staying short or long term, there is a suitable accommodation option for you.

We are happy to recommend a range of different housing options to our trainees. The Wyndham Garden Ann Arbor with swimming pool, café/bar, free breakfast and Wi-Fi is one of the most popular and affordable places to stay. The Bell Tower Hotel is another affordable option for those who enjoy staying in a more traditional style establishment.

Both these recommended housing options are located within close proximity of our training center as well as most popular attractions. Should you require more information about these hotels or other accommodation options, please contact us at any time.

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