TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Sydney, Australia | Teach & Live abroad!

TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Sydney, Australia | Teach & Live abroad!

Trainees who enrol on our TEFL course in Sydney will have a wide variety of accommodation to choose from as the city has options that will suit all tastes and budgets. When choosing and booking your accommodation you are obviously free to make your own arrangements, however, we are happy to provide you with any assistance we can if you would prefer.

As Sydney has long been a favourite destination with young travellers, the city has a large amount of hostel style accommodation which generally offers the most affordable option for your stay in the city. Our Sydney training centre works closely with one of the best hostels in the local area which generally proves to be a popular choice with our trainees. Big Hostel is conveniently located close to the city centre and our TEFL school and offers a variety of clean and comfortable rooms at very competitive prices. Here you can stay in a private room or share a dormitory at a cheaper price. During your stay you are highly likely to be sharing the same accommodation with other members of your course which will give you the opportunity to discuss your training and share ideas on things such as lesson planning and teaching methods.

If you would prefer to stay in hotel accommodation during your TEFL course, Sydney has an equally wide choice of options to suit all budgets. Once you have confirmed your place on our course, we recommend that you book your hotel accommodation yourself online so you can make the right choice to suit your own requirements.

Find out more about taking a TEFL course in Sydney here: https://www.teflcourse.net/tefl-courses-locations/australia/sydney/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION

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