The 9 Different Roles A Teacher Takes On In The Classroom | ITTT TEFL BLOG

The 9 Different Roles A Teacher Takes On In The Classroom | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Before talking about the roles of a successful teacher, I learned from my TEFL certificate that there are nine basic traits of a good teacher. These traits are divided to four points related to teacher’s personality and the other five are related to the relationship between the teacher and the students. Since I had started my TEFL course, I recognized that I have to apply these features to be a good teacher and can really affect students’ progress.

The first four points related to personality stated that a good teacher should be kind, patient, really loves teaching and able to motivate learners. While the other part is explaining that teacher should be a subject matter expert, can build a rapport with students and involve all students within the class. Moreover, the good teacher should be able to correct students’ mistakes without affecting their motivation in a friendly way and he has to recognize their strength and weakness points and how to develop their strength areas and how to handle the weakness ones.

After analyzing these traits, I think I should be distinctive by applying the mentioned traits. The major value added from the TEFL certification is learning the different roles of teacher inside the classroom, how to shift from one role to another based on the class’s circumstances and the students and the benefits of each role.

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