The Global English Expansion | ITTT | TEFL Blog

The Global English Expansion | ITTT | TEFL Blog

Global English: I briefly remember the first time I recited in front of our classroom during a Public Speaking subject, I was tasked to recite a short story about Florence, the Nightingale. I still remember the words as if it were only yesterday. After finishing the task, our then professor told us about the importance of learning the English vocabulary and consider it as our second language if we wanted to succeed in the corporate world. Eight years after my recitation, I find myself discussing business matters with Italian suppliers in Treviso, Italy and I will not forget the surprised look on their faces: They were amazed at how a middle-aged woman like me, who comes from a developing country, can communicate with them in English more fluently than any of their agents combined. For that, I take pride in my education dating back in high school. My school wasn’t included in the top 20 schools in Metro Manila but they sure give importance to the quality of their teaching, especially the English Language.


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