Useful Approach to Mixed-Ability Classrooms | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Useful Approach to Mixed-Ability Classrooms | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Last fall, I taught students of varying abilities in the same EFL classroom. For example, I had students from China and France who were false beginners, students from Brazil whose placement tests assessed them at the intermediate level, and students from Italy who were intermediate/advanced. This course took place in the United States and was a challenge to teach because I had students who were not accustomed to the Roman alphabet, students who were accustomed to being academically successful, and a student who had developed a love-hate relationship with school settings. In addition to their various EFL-learning needs, the students ranged in age from late teens to mid-fifties. In simplest terms, I was concerned that I would not be able to find a common ground from which to build a rapport and keep the students focused and engaged. Fortunately, I themed the first week of the course on “Food in the United States,” and all of my students had something to say about this topic.

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