Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Chia, Colombia | Teach & Live abroad!

Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Chia, Colombia | Teach & Live abroad!

Our TEFL training center in Colombia is located in the municipality of Chía, just 20 minutes by car or bus from Bogotá, the capital of the country. The school is located in front of the main road with easy access to several shopping centers and malls, surrounded by restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and is only a 5-minute walk from Ospina Park, Old Historic Town Square, and the Historic District.

The school has 12 classrooms and is fully equipped with internet, TV and video facilities, whiteboards, student and teacher resource centers, and a library with a wide range of teaching resource materials. Because the school is also a language institute with a focus on English courses for Spanish speakers and Spanish courses for foreigners, your English teaching practice will be with real Spanish speaking students so that you can experience authentic language lessons. Our TEFL trainers have extensive experience in teaching English to young people and adults. Current government plans for bilingualism in Colombia meant that the demand for teachers of English is quite high, which will allow you to get an English teaching job very easily in public or private schools, and language institute throughout the country.

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