What does TESOL mean? | ITTT FAQs

What does TESOL mean? | ITTT FAQs

Put simply, TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. You will also see the TESOL acronym used to refer to training courses that people take, and the certification they receive, that allows them to teach English in almost any country worldwide. ITTT has been providing these courses for many years and is known as the market leader in high-quality TESOL certification courses.

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What qualifications do I need to teach ESL?
Wherever you plan to work as an ESL teacher, you will most likely require a qualification known as a TESOL certificate in order to be taken seriously by employers. Unfortunately, there is no global standard when it comes to these courses which can make it difficult to know which course is right for you. By entering TESOL certification into a search engine you will quickly find many different providers offering a wide range of courses of varying length and cost. So what do you need to look for when choosing the right course to suit your plans?

How do TESOL courses differ?
The first thing to remember is that TESOL courses are typically categorized by the average number of study hours required to complete them. At the short end of the scale you will find online courses from as little as 40 hours and in-class courses that can be taken over a weekend. These types of courses may be adequate if you are thinking of doing some volunteer teaching or you simply want an introduction to the world of language teaching. However, if you are looking to earn a good salary, it is worth noting that many international employers now expect their job applicants to have completed a TESOL course of at least 120 hours duration.

Which TESOL course provides the most comprehensive training?
It is generally accepted that the best preparation you can have for teaching English abroad is to complete an in-class TESOL course that includes teaching practice. Good quality in-class courses typically include several hours of classes teaching genuine language learners in a real classroom environment, all under the guidance of highly experienced teacher trainers. ITTT?s in-class TESOL courses last for four-weeks and can be taken at a wide range of locations all over the world. Once graduated from the course, you should feel ready to confidently walk into your own classroom and deliver interesting and informative lessons to your students.

Is an online TESOL course sufficient for teaching English abroad?
Although the intensive in-class courses provide a great start to any teaching career, they can be prohibitive for some people in terms of time and money. The good news is that ITTT offers a range of online TESOL course options that are widely recognized by employers in many parts of the world. Our 120-hour TESOL course is a very popular choice as it includes a range of course videos that provide an invaluable insight into what it is like teaching English in an international environment.

What will I gain from my TESOL course?
Whether you choose the intensity of an in-class TESOL course or the convenience of an online TESOL course, you will learn a wide variety of skills and knowledge that will open the door to a new life and career. With a TESOL certificate on your CV/resume you will find a whole new world of opportunities that offer travel, excitement and a new level of personal fulfillment that you might never have experienced before.

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