Why Choose ITTT? | No Final Exam, No Pressure

Why Choose ITTT? | No Final Exam, No Pressure

If, like many people, the idea of an end of course exam fills you with dread, you have nothing to fear with our online TEFL certification courses. All our online courses include ongoing assessments as you work through the materials, removing the need for a final exam at the end. Each course is divided into separate units with a multiple choice assessment to conclude each section. Once complete, you then move on to the following course unit. There is no need to hit a required pass rate on each individual assessment either, but rather an average requirement of 75% across all the course unit assessments. Provided you reach this realistic assessment level, you will graduate from the course and receive your TEFL course certificate.

Thanks to this user friendly approach to assessment and the flexible nature of our online TEFL courses, trainees should be able to work through their studies with minimal levels of stress. Instead of worrying about an end of course exam, you should find you are able to comfortably work through the course and spend a bit more time planning your overseas adventure.

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