Why Classroom Games are Essential for Building Confidence | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Why Classroom Games are Essential for Building Confidence | ITTT TEFL BLOG

In my years of teaching English to students aged 4 to 14, I have found that nothing brings a child more confidence than being able to do something they previously thought impossible or too challenging. Speaking in front of an entire class, having to memorize speeches or dialogues, and being put on the spot in general can all pose a huge challenge for students and can often end in hurt pride and a lowering of confidence. I have seen students hang their heads in shame as they return to their seats after giving an almost perfect speech, hyper fixating on one single mistake that elicited a laugh or two from their audience. While serious practice and formal testing are all part of learning, having the confidence to face these challenges is something that is cultured in a different setting. Games offer a relaxed and fun setting for language learners to feel comfortable trying out the English language, worry less about making mistakes, and to inspire them to practice and gain experience, all leading to the development of confidence integral to furthering their ability to use English.

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