Why Taking a TEFL Course Will Change Your Life | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Why Taking a TEFL Course Will Change Your Life | ITTT TEFL BLOG

As in any profession, a worker must prove themselves capable of the task at hand. I find myself at various stages of my life needing to perform tasks I never thought I would have to master: managing a family of seven, running a marathon, milking cows, managing a horse barn, homeschooling K-12, teaching various online classes, providing my own tech-support, writing curriculum, the list goes on. With each task allotted for me, I have pulled on resources to gain knowledge for mastery.

The education field is no exception to this challenge, for me or anyone else wanting to excel in the profession. Opportunities to stretch one’s capabilities can be a daily experience. If the challenge is embraced the educator gains a personal victory that will ultimately bring success to their students.

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