Worldwide Recognition of our TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Why choose ITTT

Worldwide Recognition of our TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Why choose ITTT

TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Do you want to teach English abroad or online but don’t know how to start? Take a TEFL certification to learn modern teaching methodologies and enhance your resume. In this video, we explain why ITTT is the perfect TEFL provider.

As we have been helping potential teachers to get TEFL/TESOL certificate and ready to head overseas to teach English for many years, employers around the world are well aware of our courses and certification. In fact, many employers actively seek out our TEFL graduates because they know they will have completed a highly-respected course that has prepared them for life in an international teaching environment. This recognition applies to all regions of the world as our long list of graduates going back many years have taught in almost every country you can think of.

In years gone by it was possible to jump on a plane to almost any destination and find work as an English teacher without having any previous experience or qualifications. However, those days are now long gone and a reputable TEFL certification is seen as mandatory in most countries, particularly those that offer the best-paid jobs and comfortable working conditions. If you are looking for an overseas teaching adventure that will also pay off financially, a highly respected TEFL certificate from ITTT will help you to stand out from the crowd.


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