English Grammar – Present Continuous for the Future – TESOL Certification


To be successful teaching English overseas you will need to come up with interesting teaching ideas for your students. This video from one of ITTT’s online TESOL certification courses outlines a teaching idea for the present continuous when it is used to talk about future plans. In this activity students are given a diary and have to interview each other about their future plans.

For example:
Student A: “What are you doing on the 6th?”
Student B: “I’m having my hair done.”

Students keep asking and answering questions until they find a date when they are free to meet. This idea can also be adapted to use with past tenses.

On ITTT’s TESOL certification courses not only will you learn how the different tenses in English are formed and used but you will also learn interesting ways of teaching these to your ESOL students. For more info check the link above.

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