Interesting vs Interested | Ask Linda! | English Grammar

In this video, Linda breaks down the difference between “interesting” and “interested”.

These two terms are often confused as both words talk about the feeling of interest. However there is a distinct difference in the usage of the two. Let’s break it down.

The word “interesting” is a present participle. When used as an adjective it describes the people or things that cause the feeling of interest to someone.

For example:

Today’s lesson about world history is very interesting.

‘World history’ is causing the speaker a feeling of interest.

“Interested” on the other hand is a past participle. When used as an adjective it describes how someone feels, such as here:

I am very interested in learning another language.

Here; it is my intention to learn a new language because I have an interest in foreign languages.

So next time you’re unsure think about whether something causes the feeling of interest or you want to describe how someone feels.

That’s it for today. See you next time!

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