English Grammar – Future continuous – Structure – Teach English TESOL

English Grammar – Future continuous – Structure – Teach English TESOL


This video from one of ITTT’s TESOL courses looks at how the future continuous tense is formed and used. Firstly, the structure:

Positive: Subject + will + be + present participle.

I will be learning to teach English.

Negative: Subject + will + not + be + present participle.

I will not be coming to the party.

Question: Will + subject + be + present participle?

Will you be staying for the weekend?

Now the usages:

Actions in progress at a future time.

She’ll be playing live at Wembley on the 16th.

Predict the present.

He’ll be getting on the plane about now.

Polite enquiries (without influence):

Will you be coming to the party?

For those wanting to learn how to teach English TESOL courses are great ways to learn the necessary grammar such as the future continuous tense as outlined above. On a good TESOL course you will also study the latest methodologies to apply in your classroom. A teaching certificate will also open up more teaching job opportunities than would be available without. So if you are considering starting to teach English, TESOL certification is the surest way to get the skills you need. Check out the link above for more information on TESOL certification course from ITTT. ///

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