English Grammar – Past Tenses Review – Teaching English Abroad Programs

English Grammar – Past Tenses Review – Teaching English Abroad Programs


This video reviews the past tenses. The past tenses form one part of ITTT’s online TEFL courses. During the section on the past tenses you will learn the structure of each tense in its positive, negative and question forms as well as the usages of each tense. You will also learn some useful teaching ideas for the tenses.

Past Simple: Subject + verb in past simple form

I played

Past Continuous: Subject + was + present participle

I was playing

Past Perfect: Subject + had + past participle

I had played

Past Perfect Continuous: Subject + had + been + present participle

I had been playing

To learn more about the past and other tenses check out our other videos online and consider taking one of our TEFL courses. A teaching certificate from ITTT will enable you to take part in one of the many teaching English abroad programs available around the world. These programs may involve being placed in paid teaching positions or they could be completely voluntary, either way most teaching English abroad programs require participants to possess an English teaching qualification. For more information on the types of course ITTT has to offer follow the link above. ///

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