English Grammar – Future Simple – Structure – TESOL Online

English Grammar – Future Simple – Structure – TESOL Online


In this online TESOL course video the trainer covers the structure of the future simple tense. The basic structure is as follows:

Positive: Subject + will + base verb

Negative: Subject + will + not + base verb

Question: Will + subject + base verb?

As noted in the video ‘will’ can be replaced by other modals to express varying degrees of certainty. For suggestions and more formal situations we can substitute ‘will’ for ‘shall’.
For more information about this and other future forms see our other videos on the future tenses. If you are interested in teaching English abroad and studying TESOL online visit our website at the link above. We have a number of online TESOL courses and studying TESOL online is not only a convenient way to earn your teaching qualification but also a rewarding one and is a great way to take your first steps on your English teaching career. ///

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