TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Hong Kong | Teach & Live abroad!

TEFL / TESOL School Accommodation in Hong Kong | Teach & Live abroad!

There are several housing options you can choose from for the duration of the TEFL course in Hong Kong. We provide a list of accommodation options located near the Kowloon area. It takes approximately one hour from all accommodation sites to the training center. We strongly recommend getting an ‘Octopus Card’ right after you arrive in Hong Kong, this is a ‘master pass’ that gets you to most parts of Hong Kong through its advanced public transportation system.

Reserving a monthly room starts from around $US450. Please book your room ahead of time as most places are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Here are some of the options:
Staying at a local youth hostel: Rates vary from US$ 15 to 60 per night. The lower rates will be for a shared room. We advise referring to major hostel websites for reservation details. Should you need further assistance, we will be more than happy to help you.

Staying with a local family. ranging from $US 400 to 800. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore the ‘Orient Pearl’ while taking your TEFL course. Not only will you interact with the Hong Kong locals after school, you will make lifelong friends. Kindly note that this option is subject to availability.

Choose from hundreds of hotels and guesthouses. The Hong Kong Tourist Bureau provides comprehensive information in this regard, or you can book a hotel at your favourite booking website.

Please note that we will make every effort to assist with your accommodation needs while in Hong Kong. We highly suggest you make your housing arrangements immediately after you book your airline ticket. The earlier you plan ahead, the more options you will have. However, we cannot guarantee that all the expectations can be met. This is due to space availability, peak travel season, etc.

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