TESOL Course in Egypt | Teach & Live abroad!

TESOL Course in Egypt | Teach & Live abroad!

Join our TEFL course in Egypt and you will be enraptured by one of history’s great civilizations. With its unparalleled past and thriving present, Egypt promises to delight the mind and invigorate the senses. Taking a TEFL course in Egypt gives you the opportunity to learn how to teach English in one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Egypt, a great landmass in Northern Africa where the arable banks of the Nile meet the arid Sahara Dessert, is full of some of the earliest recorded history known to man. The temples, hieroglyphs, mummies, and pyramids, along with the ancient churches, monasteries and mosques, were well preserved and have granted us the opportunity to have a glimpse into the distant past.

Bounded by the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, Egypt also has some incredible, relaxing beaches, as well as offering some fantastic cuisine, and some delightful shopping. With all of this and more, can you can understand why Egypt has become a top destination for TEFL courses and teaching English.

TEFL Egypt
If you are interested in taking you TEFL in Egypt, you will find that there is a high demand for TEFL teachers throughout the country. Teaching TEFL in Egypt is a very rewarding experience and the people in this country have a unique respect for the language and an eagerness to learn and perfect it. You should have no problems finding a TEFL position soon after you complete your TEFL course. Egypt has TEFL opportunities nationwide, but most jobs are found in the bigger cities.

With our TEFL courses running year round at our location in Alexandria, you can be sure to find a course that is suitable to your time frame. Our TEFL course in Egypt offers some exciting features for those interested in TEFL training.

Attend our TEFL course in Alexandria and you will earn your TEFL certification in an exciting and charming city located along the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, is a cultural metropolis which combines great historic sites and tranquil beaches with ease. Considered the main summer resort area, Alexandria is a holiday destination for many people worldwide.

The local cuisine of Alexandria boasts the usual Egyptian fair, consisting of a lot of falafels, chicken or mutton shawermas, and hummus. For vegetarians interested in taking the TEFL course in Egypt, you will have no problems finding a delicious meal quite easily. Surprisingly, Alexandria is also famous for its ice cream, which is comparable to soft-serve ice cream, but a little bit “stretchy”.

Founded around 331 BC, Alexander is an ancient city and was once one of the most famous cities in the world. During your time off while taking the TEFL course in Alexandria, you can explore the various ancient wonders throughout the city, such as the Roman tombs or the catacombs, and the Pompay pillar. You can learn about the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and take a tour of the newly reconstructed library, which was built on the same ground as the library from Cleopatra’s time. SCUBA diving is also very popular throughout here, and many divers enjoy the experience of diving throughout the ruins of this ancient city. At the end of your course day, you can enjoy some amazing cuisine at very low prices, and then unwind at the Spitfire or Havana Bars. Alexandria is a captivating and wonderful location for your TEFL course in Egypt.

TEFL International offers outstanding training courses for people who want to gain a TEFL Certification in Egypt. The school’s location makes it convenient for teaching throughout Egypt, or in one of Egypt’s neighboring countries in the Middle East or Africa.

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