Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Granada, Spain | Teach & Live abroad!

Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Granada, Spain | Teach & Live abroad!

Our TEFL courses in Granada are delivered in a traditional Carmen style building located in the Albayzin, the white washed, ancient Arabic quarter which is a traffic free zone made up of plazas, fountains and narrow cobbled streets. The Albayzin faces the Alhambra Palace and is, justifiably so, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in its own right.

The historic setting for your TEFL course in Granada is characterized by traditional Moorish style houses known as Carmens. These magnificent constructions epitomize all that is AndalucĂ­a, with white walled buildings hiding cool interior patios, water features and hidden gardens, all surrounded by ancient Moorish architecture.

The actual TEFL training centre has a magnificent garden, numerous classrooms, a computer room, Wi-Fi, a coffee shop, and all the facilities necessary to successfully complete your TEFL course.

You are never too far from anything in Granada and the TEFL training centre is conveniently located in the city. You will only need a ten minute walk to reach the city centre; however, as the Albayzin is located on a hill side, you can expect the walk back to take a little longer. Should you feel less energetic, then buses run regular trips into town, and of course back again.

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