Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Natal, Brazil | Teach & Live abroad!

Welcome to Our TEFL / TESOL School in Natal, Brazil | Teach & Live abroad!

Our Natal TEFL training centre is located close to the downtown area and is accessible by public transport to other parts of the city and the surrounding areas. The centre sets a high standard for language learning by providing our trainees with a comfortable, modern, and well-equipped facility that contains all the resources you will need in order to successfully complete the course.

Facility Features:
Modern, well-equipped classrooms
Wi-Fi access
Computer lab
An extensive resource library
Wheelchair access to all floors and classrooms
An onsite café that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
The ITTT training centre in Natal also offers a range of other courses, including language classes (Portuguese and Spanish) and professional courses in photography, web design, and gastronomy.

Local Weather Conditions
The Brazilian climate is predominantly sunny and tropical. The average annual temperature is approximately 28ºC in the northern region and 20ºC in the south. Extreme temperatures are rare, but they may occur: in Rio de Janeiro, in the peak of summer, the temperature may hit 40ºC. In Natal, the average temperature is 27ºC, with sunny and warm weather all year and tropical rains in the months of July and August.

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