What Teaching Skills Are Required in the Classroom | ITTT TEFL BLOG

What Teaching Skills Are Required in the Classroom | ITTT TEFL BLOG

Teaching means imparting knowledge or skills to the learners, through various modes of communication; using a wholesome mix of audio, visuals, text, body language, pictures, mimes, and many more. Therefore, we can say that teaching is communication and it’s always a two-way process. As a teacher, you must have great communication skills. As a language teacher, you need to make sure that your students understand and follow what you say. You should be able to speak with them effectively and firmly in a calm and clear tone, similarly, they should have this trust on you that they will be heard and understood too, that their views are equally important to you. Make sure that the classroom environment remains a two-way process and. Make sure to listen to and deal with the concerns of students, colleagues, and parents.

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