Why Choose ITTT? | TEFL/TESOL Course Accreditation

Why Choose ITTT? | TEFL/TESOL Course Accreditation

All ITTT online TEFL certification courses are accredited by leading institutions in the world of English language teaching, including the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA). OTTSA is an educational organization whose main goal is to increase the overall standard of the international teacher training industry. Within this remit it specifically concentrates on online based TEFL certification courses. Through OTTSA our online TEFL courses have been evaluated and have successfully met all the criteria necessary to be accredited by this prominent and highly respected organization.

Accreditation from leading institutions such as OTTSA is just one of many reasons why ITTT online courses are among the most popular in the TEFL world. Knowing that your online certification meets all the professional standards set by an independent body means you can get on with your studies with confidence and look forward to a bright and exciting future as a TEFL qualified teacher.

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