English Grammar — Present Simple — Structure — Online ESL Teachers

English Grammar — Present Simple — Structure — Online ESL Teachers


This video looks at the structure of the positive form of the Present Simple tense. The negative form and the question form will be covered in other videos. The Present Simple talks about facts, habits and routines.

Positive structure: subject + base form of the verb

I/You/We/They teach English.

He /She/It teaches English.

There are a number of rules associated with the formation of the base verb.

For most verbs add s to the base form of the verb — plays, works…
Verbs ending in o, s, z, ch, sh add es — does, goes, washes…
Verbs ending in a consonant plus y, change the y to i and add es — cries, flies tries….

The verb be becomes am/is/are. The verb have becomes have/has.

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