Requirements for English Teachers in Europe | Teach & Live abroad!

Requirements for English Teachers in Europe | Teach & Live abroad!

Opportunities abound for the TEFL teacher in Europe and it is a popular destination for many upon completing their TEFL certification. Teachers with a specialism in teaching business English will do well in countries such as France and Germany, but there are plenty of teaching jobs to be found across the whole region. The requirements for English teachers in Europe do vary from country to country and this infographic aims to highlight the differences and similarities between them.

For those countries in the European Union, teachers who are EU citizens are preferred as many schools are unwilling to deal with the extensive paperwork involved in hiring teachers from outside the EU. That is not to say that teachers from countries outside of the European Union cannot find work there, just that there are additional hoops to jump through in order to do so. Non-EU member countries are easier for people without an EU passport to find work in and these include Georgia, Turkey and Russia among others.

Generally a TEFL qualification is a minimum requirement for teaching English in Europe, but a degree is not usually necessary to gain a visa to work as an EFL teacher. Requirements may vary from school to school and additional qualifications or experience in business or IT will make you more appealing to schools running business English courses.

The majority of teaching jobs are open to native and fluent non-native English speakers with Austria being one of the few exceptions. There are few age restrictions for EFL teachers in Europe, but you would usually have to be eighteen years of age or older. Teaching experience is preferred in Germany and France but is not necessary across the wider region and there are plenty of jobs for old and new teachers.

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