TESOL Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Teach & Live abroad!

TESOL Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Teach & Live abroad!

For those looking to live and work in latin america, our in-class TESOL course in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the perfect destination. The city has plenty of opportunities for newly qualified English teachers whether you are a native or fluent non-native speaker and is an ideal base for exploring opportunities in the rest of South America. Buenos Aires is a city rich in culture and is great place for anyone starting out on their English teaching career. We also provide spanish classes for trainees who want to learn or improve their Spanish in order to make the most of their time in Buenos Aires.

As mentioned above, Buenos Aires is a city with a rich culture and this can be experienced on a daily basis. The architecture is heavily influenced by European styles and Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of South America”. The city has a busy theatre scene with numerous theatres regularly showing plays, musicals and operas. The thriving music scene in Buenos Aires ranges from classical music to more modern styles and everything in between. The city hosts several music festivals each year including jazz, electronic and rock festivals. Of course there are numerous events devoted to the tango and Buenos Aires considers itself to be the Tango World Capital. Food is major part of life in Buenos Aires and the local speciality of barbecued beef can be found almost everywhere you go. In addition to the local cuisine there are several restaurants serving food from all over the world including French, Italian, Thai and Vietnamese.

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